Voice Call SDK
Add reliable, high-quality, real-time voice call into your application with Pano SDK


  • Clear audio

    48kHz sampling rate, full band, crystal-clear voice.

  • Echo cancellation

    Industry-leading 3A algorithm, high quality voice experience in single talk and double talk cases.

  • Rate adaptive algorithm

    Adaptive congestion control algorithm, variable bitrate, the lowest bitrate is only 8kbps.

  • Smooth sound experience

    With the help of Pano Backbone, end-to-end delay will be down to 68ms. Users can still have good voice call experience when packet loss is up to 70%.

  • Privatization deployment

    Support deploy in private cloud and hybrid cloud when users have strict secure requirement or restricted network environment.


Support iOS、Android、PC、macOS、Web

  • Real-time voice

    Support one-to-one, many-to-many real-time voice calls

  • High concurrency

    Support up to 10000 people online at the same time in one channel

  • Sound reverberation

    Support variety of sound reverb

  • Sound beautification

    By changing the sound frequency, the effect of beautifying the sound and changing the tone color is realized

  • Sound effects

    Support sending local background sound and special effect sound to remote users

  • Ear-return monitor

    Real-time monitoring of your own sound effects, adjustable ear-return volume, and ear-return delay as low as 20ms

  • Surround sound

    Support full-link dual-channel, realize 360° surround sound effect, sound with sense of orientation and distance

  • External capture and playback

    The external collection interface is open to support users to process the original audio data

  • External data processing

    Support external multi-media data processing, users can easily integrate

  • Voice changing

    Adjust the user's voice in a specific direction to achieve a voice change effect, such as uncle, young lady, loli, valley sound, horror sound, sleepy beast sound, etc


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