Collaborative Whiteboard SDK
Support draw, text, shapes, images, PPT animation, etc.


  • Ultra-low latency

    Real-time synchronization in milliseconds, smooth experience under poor network conditions.

  • Minimized data traffic

    Minimized traffic by only transferring the diffs, a customized high-efficiency data compression algorithm is used.

  • Safe and reliable

    Encrypted transport to ensure the security and integrity of the whiteboard data and create a truly reliable whiteboard service.

  • Privatization deployment

    Support deploy in private cloud and hybrid cloud when users have strict secure requirement or restricted network environment.


Support all platforms including iOS, Android, PC, macOS, Web

  • Fully interactive whiteboard

    Whiteboard room can hold thousands of people, support high concurrency, support multi-person realtime interactive whiteboard

  • Document transcoding and sharing

    Document transcoding and real-time sharing, supporting PPT, Word, PDF and other document formats to be transcoded into image or html, retaining animations, real-time page turning and annotation sync

  • Multi-channel track synchronization

    The whiteboard channel and the audio / video channels are independent of each other and can be carried out at the same time, can synchronize whiteboard track

  • Custom transmission content

    Real-time transmission of various data such as text, pictures, video, etc. through the whiteboard message channel

  • Support multiple kinds of teaching aids

    Support switching of teaching aids, color adjustment of trajectory, selection of trajectory graphics, and support for clearing, undo and redo

  • Diversified Toolbar

    Support uploading local pictures or usering img urls as background images, support quick screenshots, and also support zooming in and out of the whiteboard pages

  • Transparent whiteboard overlay

    On top of the video call and screen sharing window, a layer of transparent whiteboard is superimposed for real-time annotation and synchronous interaction

  • Multi-whiteboard interaction

    Support multiple independent whiteboards, and create a richer teaching scene experience through the authority control of different users

  • Laser pointer and vision follow

    Speaker can mark the key points in the explanation with a laser pointer, it will be synchronize to remote whiteboard real-time, and also support synchronizing courseware operation in milliseconds


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