Solution for Online Education
Meet the needs of a variety of classroom scenarios, easy to create a zero-distance, high-quality interactive teaching-learning experience


Solution Advantages

  • More comprehensive functions

    A one-stop interactive teaching solution that integrates audio and video interaction, screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, cloud recording and real-time messaging

  • More efficient interaction

    The original Pano Backbone global real-time transmission acceleration network, excellent weak network countermeasures and congestion control algorithms, provide users with a smooth teaching experience with low latency

  • More stable performance

    Self-developed audio and video engine, industry-leading audio 3A algorithm, audio and video codec algorithm, fusion of multiple AI technologies, provide users with ultra-high-quality audio and video experience

  • Faster access

    Minimal Restful API interface design, full platform development support, providing end-to-end deep technical support services, 7 x 24 hours full link agile response

  • More convenient for troubleshooting

    Full-link call quality monitoring, providing efficient analysis and troubleshooting tools to help users discover problems in time, locate causes, and solve problems

  • More cost savings

    Cost-effective real-time interactive cloud service, multi-scenario classroom form improves the utilization of famous teachers' resources, and get the expansion of teaching scale with less cost

Product Features

  • Real-time Audio

  • Real-time Video

  • Screen Sharing

  • Multi-Stream Video

  • Video Simulcast

  • Customized Layout

  • Fully Interactive Whiteboard

  • Multi-whiteboard Interaction

  • Document Sharing

  • Track Synchronization

  • Real Time Message

  • Mixed Recording

  • Multiple Files Recording

  • Live Streaming

  • Multiple Live Streaming

  • File Playback

  • Cloud Screenshot

  • Beauty Filter

  • CDN Live Boardcast

  • Network Assessment

Solution architecture

Relying on Pano Backbone real-time transmission to accelerate the network. it ensures the global ultra-low delay synchronous transmission of audio call, video call, interactive whiteboard, interactive live broadcast and other contents. Pano provides one-stop solutions to facilitate the continuous upgrading of real-time interactive online education, and enhance the immersive experience of teachers and students in teaching.

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