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About Pano

Pano brings the enterprise video conferencing technology into the Real-Time Communication (RTC) PaaS cloud platform, to help users achieve high-definition, stable, easy to use, low latency real-time interactions. By integrating the easy-to-embed Pano SDK, developers can easily implement various capabilities such as voice call, video call, collaborative whiteboard, interactive live streaming, and cloud recording into their applications.

Founding team

Our core team comes from Cisco WebEx, with nearly 20 years of technical accumulation in the field of video conferencing, more than 60% of the core team are masters and doctors, more than 70% graduated from tier 1 universities, and more than 80% have more than 7 years of WebEx R&D experience. The team genes are exactly the same as the video conference leader Zoom.

We hope to encapsulate the enterprise video conferencing technology into a highly integrable SDK and provide it to customers, serve each customer well, and empower the online industries with technology.

A seasoned technical leader. Ever been the WebEx architect at Cisco for 14 years and been NetEase Yunxin CTO for 2 years. Rain founded Pano in 2019, to provide high-definition, stable, easy-to-use, and low-latency real-time audio and video cloud services.

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Hangzhou Pano Cloud Technology Co.Ltd.
No. 328, Wener Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou

Hangzhou Pano Cloud Technology Co.Ltd. Suzhou Branch
No. 377, Linquan Street, Suzhou Industrial Park

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