Interactive Live Streaming SDK
Broadcast audio calls or video calls to the live streaming service with Pano SDK


  • Real-time co-hosting interaction

    Support inter-channel or cross-channel co-host interactions, audiences can join or leave co-hosting mode quickly and smoothly during the switch.

  • Big channel support

    support millions of people in one big channel and real-time interaction with hundreds co-hosts, without having to worry about surge in traffic.

  • High quality

    Industry-leading in-house audio and video engine, supports 48kHz audio sampling rate, ultra-high sound quality, video resolution supports up to 1080P. It contains a variety of leading video algorithms and AI technology, with better picture quality and lower bitrate.

  • Privatization deployment

    Support deploy in private cloud and hybrid cloud when users have strict secure requirement or restricted network environment.


Support iOS、Android、macOS、Windows、Web、WeChat、H5、Linux、Flutter、Electron、React Native

  • features

    Interactive co-hosting

    Support real-time audio and video interaction between hosts and audiences, flexible and customizable UI layout.

  • features

    Cloud streams mixing

    Mixing of audio, video, whiteboard or screen sharing streams into one stream on the cloud side to reduce load on the client side.

  • features

    Multiple live streams

    Support to broadcast multiple streams to live streaming service, with different layout, to help co-hosts interactions across different live rooms.

  • features

    Multiple protocols

    Multiple streaming protocols supported, such as HLS, RTMP, HTTP, etc.


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