Video Call SDK
Embed one to one, group HD video call into your application with Pano SDK


  • Ultra high definition

    Combined deeply optimized encoder with a variety of leading AI technologies. Higher quality, lower video rate.

  • Ultra high resolution

    Full HD resolution support, resolution selectable via API.

  • Poor network tolerance

    Leading adaptive congestion control algorithm, dynamically adjust transmit strategy. Optimize video rate, avoid network congestion, enaure video quality.

  • Ultra low latency

    Unique Pano Backbone real-time transmission acceleration network, end-to-end latency as low as 68ms, tolerance as high as 70% packet loss.

  • Privatization deployment

    Support deploy in private cloud and hybrid cloud when users have strict secure requirement or restricted network environment.


Support iOS、Android、macOS、Windows、Web、WeChat、H5、Linux、Flutter、Electron、React Native

  • Real-time video

    One to one, many to many real-time video call

  • Screen sharing

    Ultra high definition sharing of destktop or application. Support sharing simultaneously

  • video Simulcast

    Simultaneously send high definition and low definition streams, subcribe based on window size dynamically on receiver side

  • Mutiple streams

    Simultaneously send video stream and sharing stream

  • Customizable window layout

    Support customize video window layout and size

  • Realtime beauty filter

    Powerful real-time beauty filter with a verity of beauty effects such as microdermabrasion, whitening etc

  • External capture and processing

    Video aquire and render interfaces are open to support pre-process of the original video data

  • Server side screenshot

    Support intercept screenshot on server side for each user according to the specified interval

  • Realtime anti-spam

    Support real-time anti-spam audit of sensitive content such as pornography, terrorism and violence

  • Video correction

    Through the unique image processing algorithm, the distortion correction of the distorted picture is carried out to meet the needs of art class and calligraphy class

  • Multi-camera acquisition

    Turn on multiple cameras at the same time, send multiple video streams, perform multi-screen capture to provide richer video scenes

  • Real-time video annotation

    On the video call window, real-time interactive annotation can be used for art class, etc

  • Real-time sharing annotation

    On the screen sharing window, real-time interactive annotation can be used for programming class, etc

  • Cloud Video Recording

    video files can be played back and recorded on demand to meet the requirements of review, quality inspection and supervision

  • Remote assistance

    When sharing the remote screen, the remote device can be controlled locally, and remote control/remote assistance can be easily realized. It can be used in programming class, etc


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