Cloud Recording
Synchronously record audio, video, whiteboard and screen sharing by calling Pano RESTful API


  • Stable and reliable

    The recording file is automatically saved, and it can be restored from the smart cache in case of recording failure to ensure the reliability of the recording file.

  • Affoadable cost

    Greatly save the costs of development, deployment, and maintenance, and greatly reduce the early-stage investment expenditure and later maintenance costs.

  • Privatization deployment

    Support deploy in private cloud and hybrid cloud when users have strict secure requirement or restricted network environment.


Support iOS、Android、macOS、Windows、Web、WeChat、H5、Linux、Flutter、Electron、React Native

  • Combined recording

    Multi streams, such as audio, video and screen sharing stream can be recorded simultaneously in one file and recorded all at once.

  • Multiple files recording

    You can record audio, video, whiteboard, sharing streams separately or mix them together, or both.

  • Flexiable layout

    Provides various preset recording layout templates, support custom layouts, and can flexibly configure each layout.

  • Playback

    Recording files can be stored in Pano cloud to achieve various requirements such as playback, quality inspection and supervision, etc.

  • Cloud screenshot

    Video pictures can be captured at specified time intervals to meet the needs of anti-spam such as pornography.


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