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More flexible deployment mode

  • Public cloud

    • 部署方式

      Deployment method

      Share Pano public cloud server cluster resources and services

    • Deployment method

      Service Features

      Register and use, start-up at zero cost, fast integration, save a lot of R&D resources, service resource sharing, no additional hardware investment, reduce enterprise initial capital investment, high service availability, no operation and maintenance; fast version iteration, free access to the latest features, flexible scalability, support Ultra-high concurrency, easy to deal with the sudden increase in user traffic. Pay according to the length of use, pay as much as you use, and please contact customer service for more discounts

  • Private Cloud

    Private Cloud
    • Deployment method

      Deployment method

      Server clusters are deployed on customer-supplied infrastructure

    • Service Features

      Service Features

      Enterprise-specific resources, independently deployed computing resource clusters, no need to share high security index, full-link data encryption, data is controlled by the enterprise, and acceleration nodes can be deployed on demand, covering all external networks and overseas acceleration links according to the project system. Please consult customer service for detailed prices

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